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This comprehensive wiki provides an in-depth guide to the Nourish App platform, catering to a wide range of users including customers, health professionals, health facilities, and corporations. Here, you will discover everything you need to know to effectively utilize the platform, regardless of your specific role or needs.

  • Everyday Users

    The Nourish App is an exceptional platform that offers users an expanding collection of delectable recipes, a wide range of tools, including a smart planner and shopping list, and the option to personalize your nutrition or connect with a healthcare expert.

    Preparing a meal

    Addressing the diverse needs of a broad audience, which encompasses various dietary preferences, allergies, culinary tastes, and numerous other food-related requirements.


    Downloading and using the Nourish App is entirely cost-free. However, there are premium options available to enhance your experience, such as Recipe+, Premium, and Supported plans.


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  • Health Professionals

    At Nourish App, our goal is to extend your nutrition expertise to a global audience. We aim to empower you with the tools needed to offer superior advice to clients, including recipe selection, macro and micronutrient recommendations, messaging, booking, and seamless payment processing, all within a single platform.

      Key Features

    • • Provide recipe suggestion or build complete plans
    • • Customize calorie and macro targets and automatically track intake
    • • Connect through rich communication tools
    • • Document client history securely
    • • Create long-term packages for customers with better financial returns
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  • Health Facilities

    Whether you run a small boutique fitness facility or the world's largest gym franchise, Nourish App offers your members an accessible and highly scalable nutrition and recipe solution. Our platform includes features such as automated onboarding, customisable in-platform promotions, and engaging challenges to enhance the experience for your members.

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  • Corporations

    Enhancing workplace wellness can be a daunting task. How can you offer your team valuable and impactful solutions that lead to improved outcomes? Nourish App has the solution to the nutrition challenge, empowering your team to prioritize healthier eating on their own terms.

    Business with Nourish App