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Building a nutrition plan

The Nourish App simplifies the creation of nutrition plans, making it not only easy and quick but also enjoyable. Our intelligent system streamlines what used to be a lengthy and tedious process, effortlessly guiding you towards your health goals.

  • Getting Set up

    Setting Calories

    To establish your client's calorie intake, simply enter a specific calorie number. The system is designed to automatically distribute these calories across the selected number of meals.

    Below the calorie input field, you'll find the calorie counter tool. Here, input the client's details such as gender, age, etc., and ensure that the correct goal (weight loss or weight gain) is selected, along with the appropriate activity and exercise factors. Avoid altering or filling in any other fields.

    The calorie counter will then provide a recommended daily calorie number tailored for your client. If your client's goal is 'toning', it's generally advisable to set their calorie intake 100-200 calories below their maintenance calories (Total Daily Energy Expenditure or TDEE) for optimal results.


    Your client has already chosen their preferred number of meals, but you retain the flexibility to modify this selection as necessary.

    Meal Multi

    The "meal multi" feature plays a key role in distributing calorie intake across different meals. By default, this distribution is handled automatically based on the total number of meals. However, you have the option to customize this setting to better suit individual client needs.

    It's important to ensure that the total of the "meal multi" values equals the number of meals. For instance, if your client opts for 3 meals a day, the standard "meal multi” would be 1 for each meal, adding up to 3 (1+1+1=3). But, if you prefer to allocate a smaller calorie portion for breakfast and a larger one for dinner, you might adjust the "meal multi" to 0.9 for breakfast and 1.1 for dinner, maintaining the total at 3 (0.9 + 1 + 1.1 = 3). This flexibility allows for tailored meal planning according to the client's dietary preferences and goals.


    You have the ability to specify macro ranges for your clients. When you select a specific macro range, only recipes that align with these nutritional parameters will be displayed to the client, ensuring their meal choices are consistent with their dietary goals.

  • Adding meal recomendations

    You have the flexibility to suggest between 1 to 10 meal ideas for each mealtime. Whenever your client selects a meal, your recommendations will appear at the top of their list, ensuring easy access. They have the option to either choose from your suggestions or explore the entire recipe library.

    If you're looking to streamline the setup process for a new client, starting with just one recommendation can be a great time-saver. To add a meal recommendation, simply click on the β€œ+” button, which will take you to the recipe library. Here, you can refine your search based on dietary needs, macros, recipe names, or specific ingredients, making it easier to find the perfect match for your client's preferences and nutritional requirements.

    Each recipe in our extensive library comes with a handy "I" button. Clicking on this provides detailed information, including the precise ingredient amounts tailored to your client's caloric needs, as well as comprehensive macro and micronutrient breakdowns, and cooking instructions. This feature ensures that the recommendations are not only delicious but also perfectly aligned with your client's dietary goals.

    Recipe Sugesstion Templates

    You will also have the ability to load in recipe suggestion templates. This can be a good time saving tool. you can learn momore about Recipe suggestions below.


    Recipe Suggestion

  • Client plan

    This section showcases the meals your client has added to their planner. You have the option to allow them to fill it out independently, or you can take the initiative to populate the planner for them. This provides a valuable opportunity to review their meal selections and offer tailored feedback.

  • Client information

    This section provides access to vital client details, including dietary preferences, allergies, and medical conditions, all initially provided by the client during sign-up. You have the capability to modify or update these details as needed.

    Furthermore, you can input any specific food dislikes of the client here. Recipes containing these disliked ingredients will be highlighted with a red border for easy identification. It's important to note that this information about food dislikes is visible only to you, not to the clients themselves.

    Additionally, this section allows you to add any pertinent notes about the client, enabling you to keep all relevant information organized and easily accessible.

  • Check-ins

    Whenever a client completes a check-in, a notification will appear alongside their name. Clients are given the flexibility to check in at any time from Monday through Thursday. During these check-ins, they provide key data, including their weight and energy levels. This weight data is then displayed on a graph, offering a clear and easily interpretable visual representation.

  • Calculating calories

    If you're uncertain about the appropriate calorie target for your client, utilize the built-in calorie counter. Start by inputting the client's details, including weight, height, age, gender, and weekly exercise frequency, followed by selecting their specific goal.

    Our system uses the Mifflin-St Jeor Equation for calorie calculation, renowned for its accuracy, especially when body fat percentage isn't entered. Depending on the client's selected goal, the calculator adjusts their caloric intake accordingly:

    β€’ For clients aiming to "Lose Weight", it suggests a calorie intake that creates a 20% deficit.

    β€’ For those looking to "Gain Muscle", it recommends a 10% surplus in calories.

    These tailored calculations help ensure that your client's nutritional plan aligns precisely with their health and fitness objectives.