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Nourish Challenges offers a valuable resource for Health Coaches, Health Facilities, and Corporations seeking to boost engagement and foster a sense of community. This tool is designed to enhance group dynamics and interaction, making it ideal for these environments.

  • Features

    To tailor a challenge that perfectly suits your group, we offer a variety of customisation options for the structure of each challenge. Below, we have outlined some of these possibilities to help you make the most suitable choice for your group's needs.


    The open challenge framework allows you to create challenges for any duration, up to 52 weeks. This flexibility enables you to offer your clients the precise amount of time they need to achieve their desired changes and goals.

    Health Coaches

    Assigning Health Coaches to challenges ensures that clients are matched with the right professionals. This feature allows you to set limits on the number of clients each Health Coach works with, and also provides the option to manually assign clients to specific coaches, ensuring a tailored and efficient client-coach alignment.


    Challenges boast the same versatile functionality as groups, allowing you to customize various aspects such as meal plans, recipe suggestions, messaging, and more, to suit your specific needs.


    Group Features

  • Health Professional Keeley

    Get Nourish's Team To Run Your Next Challenge

    Available to:

    Health Facilities & Corporates (Health Professionals)

    Nourish App has a team of Registerd Nutritionist avaiable to run your next challenge. Whether you are wanting to run a challenge for 20 people or 1000 the Nourish App team is here to help.

      Key Features

    • • Scalable solution (20-1000 clients on a challenge)
    • • Competitive Pricing
    • • Support from the Nourish App team

      What do your clients get?

    • • Access to a Registerd Nutritionist
    • • Fully custmoised meal plan
    • • Weekly plan udpates and check-ins
    • • Unlimited messaging with their Nutritionist/Dietitian

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