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Global Settings

The Nourish App features three distinct settings categories: Local Client Settings, Group Settings, and Global Settings. Each category offers a unique set of actions and has varying impacts on your clients. This section of the wiki focuses on explaining Global Settings. For information on Group Settings or Local Client Settings, please refer to the links provided at the bottom of this page.

  • What are global settings?

    Global settings in the Nourish App are crafted to simplify client management. As the name suggests, these settings apply universally to all clients within your system. Given their broad-reaching effects, we recommend exercising caution when modifying these settings, as changes can have significant and sometimes unintended impacts on your clients.





    Enabling or disabling the check-in feature affects everyone on the platform, overriding both group and individual client settings for check-ins. If you turn off check-ins and later reactivate them, all settings at the group and client levels will revert to their previous states prior to the deactivation. Consider disabling check-ins during prolonged periods when you or your team are unavailable, ensuring no check-in functionality is accessible during that time.

    Check-In Frequency

    The global setting for check-in frequency enables you to standardize the check-in intervals for all users to specific time frames, such as daily, weekly, fortnightly, or monthly. Primarily serving as a default benchmark for new members, this feature is typically used to establish a consistent starting point, rather than catering to specific use cases.


    Disabling messaging for all clients mirrors the effect of toggling check-ins on or off. This action will override all existing group and client messaging settings, which will be restored to their previous states once messaging is reactivated. Similar to check-ins, this feature is useful for scenarios such as extended periods of leave, ensuring a uniform approach to client communication during such times.


    Global settings are a quick and easy way to manage all your members at once. However you can also manage members at the client, health coach and group level.