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Meal planning come hand in hand with getting the food itself. Nourish Apps smart shopping lists allow you to make shopping a breeze wheter you like to shop in store or online.

  • Select your days






    Once you have comeplted your planning for the week, the next step is to choose which days you would like to shop for. For each day you select it will automatically populate the shopping list with the items and amounts you need.

    The shopping list comes packed with outstanding features, including options to select specific brands, exclude condiments and staples, and switch between measurements in grams and packaged quantities.

    Custom Lists

    If the weekly planner doesn't suit your needs, you have the option to create custom lists. This feature is perfect for those who prefer to shop for ingredients from the explore section without incorporating them into a structured plan.

    Shopping Online

    Online shopping is becoming more and more popular. The online feture from Nourish App allows customers to quickly populate their shopping list in seconds to a store of their choice!


    Currently, online ordering is available exclusively with select providers. We are actively working to expand these options in the future.