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Meal plan template

Meal plan templates

Meal Plan Templates serve as a fantastic tool in the Nourish App, enabling you to guide clients with informed choices based on your expertise. Crafting a meal plan, whether personally designed by you or through Nourish App's pre made options, can significantly streamline the process when managing numerous clients, saving valuable time and effort.

  • Building a Meal Plan Template

    1. Navigate to the 'Templates' button located on the left-hand side of the dashboard. Within the Templates section, select 'Meal Plans'.
    2. Your previously created templates will be displayed here. Begin by clicking 'Create Template'.
    3. Assign a name to your template and, optionally, provide a brief description for clarity.
    4. Specify the duration of the template by choosing the desired number of weeks.
    5. Access the recipe library by clicking on the meal times within the template.
    6. Efficiently explore the recipe library using search functionality or by applying filters such as protein content, ingredient count, and dietary preferences.
    7. Each recipe tile shows information including a macronutrient percentage split represented by a colored line (hover over for details), ingredient count, overall cook time, and estimated cost per serving.
    8. For more details on a recipe, click the 'i' button. This reveals comprehensive information, including ingredients, methods, and detailed macronutrient and micronutrient data.
    9. Carefully choose your recipes, leaving slots vacant for any meals you prefer not to plan. The template will intelligently fill only the available slots in the user's plan.
    10. After completing the recipe selection, click 'Create Template' to finalize your customized plan.
    11. To assign the template to a client, go to their profile and navigate to the 'Clients Plan' section. Select 'Load Planner Template', where all saved templates are conveniently displayed.
    12. Templates are invaluable tools for tailoring plans to individual clients or groups, offering flexibility and efficiency in delivering personalized experiences, whether it's for a specialized high-iron plan, simple recipes, or a structured weekly guide.