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Recipe Packs

Nourish App provides thousands of recipes from our internal team. However customers have the options to add additional recipes from amazing chefs, foodies brands and recipe developers. Typically these come at a small cost this is to reward the creator for thier hard work.

  • Adding a recipe pack

    To incorporate a recipe pack into your Nourish App account, just select a pack that interests you and complete the purchase process. After the purchase, you'll find the recipes from the pack readily available in your Planner and Explore sections, as well as under the Recipe Packs section in your Profile.

    Recipe packs that you purchase will remain accessible to you indefinitely, even if they are later discontinued for sale. However, please note that deleting your account will result in the loss of access to all previously purchased items.

  • Premium subscriptions

    Nourish App Premium offers an exceptional opportunity for regular access to recipe packs on the platform. By subscribing for an additional monthly fee, you gain complimentary access to a recipe pack each month, along with substantial discounts on most other recipe packs.