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Our Values

During a serendipitous encounter at a gym in Napier, co-founders Michael Taylor and Luke Stanaway realized they shared a common vision for revolutionizing nutrition support. This realization, followed by a brief discussion and several nights of dedicated coding, led to the birth of the Nourish App.

Joined later by additional co-founders Aaron Henry and Tilly Smith, the Nourish App team was perfectly poised to transform the nutrition industry with their combined expertise and insights.

Since its inception, the Nourish App has become a vital tool for health facilities, gyms, dieticians, and nutritionists, enabling them to provide top-tier nutrition experiences to their clients. This app has rapidly grown into a key resource for professionals dedicated to enhancing nutritional wellbeing.

  • Values

    1. Discuss Passionately

    2. Challenge With Good Intentions

    3. Risk To Be Better

    4. See Potential

    5. Think Curiously

    6. Be Rapid, Deliver With Care

    7. Strive To Be Humble

    8. Own It!


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