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Adding A Staff Member

Adding a staff member to your Nourish App account is a straightforward process. The number of staff members you can add depends on your current plan. For information on upgrading to include more staff members, please refer to our pricing page.

Adding a staff memeber
  • Once you have clicked on the add staff you will be asked to enter the following information...

    • First Name

    • Last Name

    • Email Address

    If the user already possesses an account, the system will automatically recognize them and prefill their information. You can then designate whether the user should be assigned the role of a group admin, health coach, or both. Below, we've detailed the access and permissions associated with each of these roles.

    If the 'Health Coach' role is selected you will then be probpted to fill out the following information...

    • Title

    • Bio

    • Tags

    • Image


    Admin user can access everything on your account. The only thing they can action is closing your account

    Health Coach

    Health Coaches have access exclusively to clients assigned to them, enabling them to provide one-on-one support through the app. Additionally, they can send invitations to clients within the same group or share a link with external clients for broader engagement.

  • Removing a staff member

    To remove a staff member you will need to go to the staff tab and click the trash bin besides the staff member you want removed. Once removed they you will have the choice to remove access to their clients or not.