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Health Facility Set Up

Welcome to Nourish App for Health Facilities. The following wiki will take you through all the in and out of getting set up with the Nourish App Health Facility portal.

  • Customising your account

    The initial step in configuring your account is to prepare it for your members. This involves adding your logos, names, and other personalized features to ensure your customers have the best possible experience.

    Adding a business name

    This name is what your customers will see when they are invited to use the Nourish App. It's crucial that this name accurately represents your brand and is easily recognisable to ensure a strong and consistent brand presence.

    Your Business Name

    Adding your logos

    You have the option to upload two different types of logos to the platform: a square logo with a 1:1 aspect ratio, and a wide logo with a 21:9 aspect ratio. It's crucial to add both, as these images are displayed in various sections of the app, and having both versions ensures optimal appearance throughout.



    Staff titles

    When engaging with clients on the Nourish App, your title will be displayed alongside your name in various sections. It's essential that this title accurately reflects your expertise and skill set, as it plays a key role in how clients perceive and understand your professional role.

    Global Settings

    If you are planning on having team members working with clients be sure to edit your global client settings. This allows you to manage, check-ins and instant messaging.


    Learn More About Global Settings

    Onboarding members

    Effortlessly integrate your members into your Nourish App group with just a few simple clicks.


    Onboarding Members

    Adding staff members

    Bring staff into the nourish app group to help with managing memebers and providing upport through the platform.

    Adding Staff Members