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Adding Meals To Your Plan

At the heart of the Nourish App lies its diverse collection of recipes. To fully utilise these, consider adding them to your plan. Below, we outline several methods for incorporating recipes into your routine.

  • Explore Section

    In the Explore section of the app you can find thousadand of delcious recipes. To add these to your plan simply click into the recipe and on the bottom right hand corner click add to plan. It will then probt you to choose a day and also add any leftover, bulk meal prep or family & friends.

    + Add To Planner


    The Planner section offers two distinct views for adding recipes to your planner. In the Day View, you get a detailed look at the recipes for each day. To add a meal, simply click the 'Add Meal' button in an empty slot. If a meal is already in place, you can long-press on that meal to access options for selecting an alternative.


    Lamb Burger

    Delicious Meal Burger


    Quinoa Salad

    Delicious Meal Salad

    + Add Meal

    The second option is the Week View, which offers a less detailed perspective but allows you to see multiple days of the week at a glance. Similar to the Day View, you can select an empty slot to add a meal or long-press on an existing meal to replace it with a different option.


    Delicious Meal Burger


    Delicious Meal Salad



    Personalised Plan

    Another convenient method to add meals to your plan is through the 'Generate Plan' function. This feature effortlessly creates a personalized meal plan tailored to your specific preferences.

    Personalised Plan